About Candace ...



I am a real estate entrepreneur who is passionate about helping  others achieve their goals. With more than 25 years of experience in  private sector real estate, I strive to provide the highest caliber of  service by taking a "consultative" approach in assessing client's  motivations and goals then crafting a plan specifically targeting those  objectives.

My career began in the new home sales  arena where I was instrumental in establishing a fledgling developer as  one of the most sought after and successful privately held home builders  in Colorado.  Since then I have gone on to collaborate with developers,  top builders, architects and contractors in the metro area.  As part of The Pinnacle  team for over five years, the experience provided me with operational  knowledge of Condo and Town home projects, architectural designs,  building plans, high rise construction methods, customization, pricing  strategies, management philosophies and HOA's. 

By  holding multiple designations I am qualified as a skilled professional  in a full spectrum of fields regarding the real estate industry, and as a  member of the ELITE group of HomeSmart, I hold the honor of being in  the top 10% of agents.

I teach classes within the company and currently serve as a Mentor to 22 new agents.

Although  there is no crystal ball when it comes to real estate, I have an  ‘educated instinct’.  I know the properties, the neighborhoods, and the  players involved.  My knowledge of values, price points, and process is  incredibly accurate.

Market knowledge and advanced  negotiation skills are just the basics.  It’s about playing a critical  role in a customer or client’s life for however long they need you.   Whatever the outcome may be, it is my job to be reliable, focused, and  more importantly to negotiate a successful transaction.  It is no secret  that buying and selling real estate can be overwhelming and stressful.   I spend a tremendous amount of time working hard; by managing all  scenarios and expectations to make sure the experience is seamless.  To  remain at the top you have to be all encompassing, willing to do  whatever is necessary, and readily available.

This  is a 365 day a year job, and often all hours.  The conclusion is that  when you love what you do and you’re passionate, it directly effects  your productivity and client satisfaction.  

 I truly love it.