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Tis the season ……. 

Filling the house with decorations. Enjoying delicious meals, packaging gifts and celebrating family and friends. It’s adding little special details to ordinary things that makes the difference.

We all celebrate in our own way. For some it’s all about football, parties, seeing friends and yummy food. For others it’s a celebration of faith and special traditions. 

Think about what brings you the most Joy and surround yourself with the people you love – the ones who lift you up, the ones who make your life brighter.

Following are short definitions of two profound holidays: 


Hanukah (also called the Festival of Lights) is an important Jewish holiday that lasts for eight days and nights. The exact start date changes each year, but it always falls in November or December. In the 2nd Century BC, the Jewish people fought back against the Seleucid Empire that had taken over much of the Middle East and made Judaism illegal. Hanukah is all about the moment that the Jewish fighters took back the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and were able to practice their religion again. Today, Jews all over the world celebrate the festival by lighting candles in a traditional eight-branch candle holder called a Menorah, eat traditional foods and spend time with their families and communities.


In Christianity, this is the day that Jesus Christ was born. It is the most popular Christian holiday in the Western world. According to the Bible, wise men brought special gifts to the baby Jesus and traditionally, a figure called Father Christmas, Santa Claus, or St. Nicholas (depending on which country you are in) is thought to bring presents to children around the world on Christmas Eve. Today, Christmas is celebrated by most people in Western countries by gathering with family and friends for a festive meal and gift exchange - even if they are not Christian or religious.

From our home to yours …         

        HAPPY HOLIDAYS !! 

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